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Coffee Branding | La Mora Cafés 
La Mora Cafés is a new coffee company in Brazil that seeks to be nationally differentiated by the quality of its products, being artisanal and produced under roasting of excellence 100% Arabica. The brand itself needed to be fresh, trustworthy and also reflect the quality in the details.
The name La Mora refers to the fruit where coffee is obtained. For this reason, a medium geometric typeface was used to represent the coffee cherry and the letter bars were adjusted to create stability and personality.
The icons were designed with a smooth dashed outline. Symbolizing the middle part of the coffee bean through the discontinuous line and the round shape of the coffee bean with the smooth line. The vertical format of the icons was used for more complex references (first two lines) and the square format for simpler references (third and fourth lines).
Traditional packaging
The traditional packaging maintains the clean and modern look of the logotype by using wide negative space and a simple design layout. The white label on the front is used to highlight the characteristics of the coffee. Complementary information is displayed on the back of the packaging, using some icons to make the instructions easier to read and stand out.
Branded Items 
The items of the brand were designed to be simple too, keeping the negative space wide to look clean. Using the shade of black as background to look modern and trustworthy.
Special line packaging
The coffee brand also needed a special packaging line, versatile enough to be continued in the future and stand out in the present. The illustrations were the perfect idea to draw attention to the product itself and tell the story of where La Mora Cafés came from.
Minas Gerais Special Line
The illustration was made with references of the culture, traditions and architecture of Minas Gerais, which is one of the two most active coffee states in Brazil and also the origin of La Mora Cafés company.
Natureza do Brasil Line
It represents the fauna and flora of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, one of the most biologically diverse places in the world. Remembering the importance of Brazil's wildlife.
Café do Brasil Special Line
Leaving the coffee producer as the protagonist, this illustration mirrors the origin of coffee production in Minas Gerais, its fruits and the harvest.
The brochures were not only designed to recommend the products, but also to promote the general values ​​and vision of the brand, to future collaborators and potential bigger clients.a
Social media
The challenge of the social media aesthetic was to define a certain type of feed that could be maintained by one of the members of the company. The content needed to tell the story of where the coffee came and its process. Quote posts were designed to deliver a more direct message to the consumer.
Feedback and impact 
When the line was launched, consumers loved the taste of coffee. Some of them even posted pictures of the packaging on their own social media. People were amazed by the brand's illustrations and liked the sophistication of the design.
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Aranza Herce

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