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Poster Illustrations | Gestalt Design School
Gestalt Design School is a university that specializes in design with degrees like Graphic Design, Interior Design, Image Design, Fashion Design and Event Design.
The task was to create posters for each of the design degrees, in order to be exhibited in campaigns to attract new students, mostly carried out in schools in Mexico.
The fear of the students was used to create the concept. The unconscious fear and uncertainty that design careers contain. Will I find a job? Is it really possible to work from this? The Design is Everywhere concept tries to bring the student closer to the world of design, showing the different ways in which design is present.
The idea of ​​a world created from design. All elements of the building are carefully chosen to represent each degree field of work. All the compositions have the same vector design and distribution to make them a system or, in the eyes of the viewer, a "world".
Concept  | Illustrations | Poster Design 
Aranza Herce

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