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Procedural is a process optimization consulting firm based in Alabama that works remotely in the United States. As a new brand they needed to seek credibility and expertise to their customers. 
The main concept of the brand identity revolves around the idea of ​​structure and organization. Procedural as a consultancy optimizes processes and takes care of chaos in organizations and businesses. It was essential to portray the idea of ​​order. The look also needed to be clean, fresh, solid and a bit high-tech.

The font for the logo was chosen for its fresh yet strong characteristics. The idea of ​​solidity and structure, the rhombus connected by a line, seen in the logo mark, was also inspired by maps used in process optimization.
Graphic identity 
To make the color palette look fresh and solid, a bright blue was chosen for the covers and for applications with text, a more white and gray palette for more balanced designs. The brand elements are completely geometric; lines, rhombuses and squares. From it, a pattern was created with the idea of ​​structure, a complement that aims to appear solid but not so distracting that it could seem forced.

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